Depot No. 505 Ginger & Cardamom Beard Oil Conditioner 30ml


– Beard conditioner oil.

– Nourishes, conditions and gives control and shine to the beard with a pleasant and unique fragrance.

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Depot No. 505 Beard Oil is composed of a blend of high quality vegetable oils – apricot oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil – that can be used as a pre-shave to soften skin and beard and facilitate the shaving process or, as softening and restructuring beard oil.

As a nourishing beard oil, it softens and gives shine without becoming oily. In addition, it neutralizes odors such as sweat and food.

Depot No. 505 Beard Oil is a versatile, fast absorbing oil with an amazing ginger and cardamom fragrance.

Capacity: 30 ml
Depot – The Male Tools & Co
How to Use:

Before shaving: Apply a few drops to the face before shaving to moisturize the area, soften the hair and prevent irritation. Proceed with the usual shaver.
As a moisturizer: Apply a few drops to your hands, massage your beard and mustache in all directions to nourish, discipline and shine.

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