Depot No. 301 Mate Wax 75ml


– Modeling wax with strong fixation.

– Adds control and definition with an opaque effect.

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Depot No. 301 Mate Wax is an opaque effect shaping wax that gives definition and duration to the created look, respecting the hair fiber.

With sunflower oil and maturing waxes of natural origin, they give emollience and condition, form a thin layer on the surface of the hair, ensuring a good sealing and support.

Capacity: 75 ml
Depot – The Male Tools & Co
How to Use:
Remove a small amount of Depot No. 301 Mate Wax, work it with your hands and massage it into your hair, styling it to your desired styling.

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Weight 0,120 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm

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