Elancyl Stretch Marks Prevention Cream 200ml


– Indicated for the prevention of stretch marks.

– Helps prevent and reduce early stretch marks.

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Elancyl Stretch Marks Prevention Cream is a body care indicated for individuals at risk of developing stretch marks such as:

  • Teenagers with hormonal changes that cause skin stretching as a result of growth process.
  • Individuals experiencing weight gain or loss.
  • Women during¬†pregnancy.

In its formulation can be found:

– Panthenol: repairs and improves healing processes
– Algisium: improves and maintains skin structure
– Hydroxyprolysilane (Organic Silica): increases collagen & elastin fiber production
– Safflower Oil: rich in omega-6 fatty acids
– Sweet Almond Oil: toning & firming action

A creamy formula, with a restructuring complex for soft, supple skin. Perfect for pregnant women as of month 4, people undergoing sudden weight loss, adolescents with hormonal changes.

Capacity: 200ml
Brand: Elancyl
How to Use: Apply Elancyl Stretch Marks Prevention Cream 1 to 2 times/day on weakened areas (breast, belly, thighs, hips, buttocks). Ideally use circular massage on the area to activate microcirculation.

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