Elancyl Slimming Concentrate Gel 200ml + Massage Tool


– Professional slimming massage method.

– Recommended for cellulite care and silhouette redrawing.

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Inspired directly by the “deep-tissue massage” technique, Elancyl Slimming Concentrate Gel reproduces the professional deep tissue massage technique with recognized effectiveness at fighting cellulite.

Thanks to the combined action of its two rollers, which squeeze and roll the skin at the same time, Elancyl Slimming Concentrate Gel tones the skin and smoothes away cellulite. The massager allows to stimulate the microcirculation and favor the drainage helping to eliminate toxins.

On the other hand, the massage gel is concentrated in caffeine and ivy extract. Caffeine increases the release of accumulated fat, facilitating its elimination from the body while the ivy extract acts on the quality of collagen, improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

After 7 days, there is a significant reduction in hip circumferences. With continuous use, there is a significant decrease of saddlebag bulges and a reduction of the deepest dimpling areas.

Its application is recommended for at least 28 days.

It is possible to purchase only the refills of the slimming gel.

Capacity: 200 ml
How to Use: Use Slim Massage once a day, in the shower, for approximately 3 minutes following the movements indicated on the product. Simply insert the cannula into the hole of the object located in the green part and press the tube firmly to fill the reservoir and proceed to massage. Then perform a massage with your hands on dry skin.

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