Aqua Protect Bandages x 20 Hansaplast


100% waterproof dressings to cover and protect small wounds.

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The Aqua Protect Bandages are 100% waterproof, strongly adhesive dressings that cover and protect small wounds.

The material is flexible and breathable, which means it offers greater comfort and prevents water from getting trapped around the wound. They are the ideal solution for washing, showering, bathing and swimming.

Aqua Protect Bandages come in different sizes and seal off the wound completely.

Latex free to prevent allergy risk.

Sizes: 8 pads size 39mm x 39mm + 12 pads size 65mm x 25mm

Capacity: 20 units (2 sizes)
Brand: Hansaplast
How to Use:
Cleanse the wound of dirt and bacteria with a suitable product such as Wound Spray Hansaplast. Then, gently dry the skin and surrounding wound area and cover the wound with the dressing. Observe the wound and change the dressing or bandage daily or as needed.

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