Fast Healing Bandages x 8 Hansaplast


Fast-healing dressings suitable for small wounds and sensitive skin. They help reduce scar formation.

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Fast Healing Bandages speed up the healing process by up to 2 times compared to wound dry healing.

They are suitable for covering all types of smaller wounds. For optimal healing results, the bandage should be worn for several days.

The waterproof and breathable material of the plaster covers and protects the wound against external influences. The wound pad is made of a skin friendly polyurethane material which does not stick to the wound. It selectively absorbs wound fluid while keeping the wound moist, thus accelerating healing and reducing the risk of scarring.

Fast Healing Bandages speed up the healing process by up to 2 times compared to wound dry healing, even after minor surgery. The strong adhesion ensures that the bandage stays in place for several days.

Latex-free to prevent the risk of allergy.

Size: 43mm x 65mm

Capacity: 8 units
Brand: Hansaplast
How to Use:
Cleanse the wound of dirt and bacteria with a suitable product such as Wound Spray Hansaplast. Then, gently dry the skin and surrounding wound area and cover the wound with the dressing. Observe the wound and change the dressing or bandage daily or as needed.

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