KPL Plus Shampoo 200ml + Iraltone Sebum Regulating Shampoo 200ml


Pack of shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis and sebum production.

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KPL Plus Shampoo

Experience rapid relief from seborrheic and itchy hair and scalp issues with KPL Plus Shampoo.

This specialized shampoo is formulated to control itching, redness, and peeling. Key ingredients like climbazole (1.5%), pyroctone olamine (1%), salicylic acid (2%), and ammonium lactate (6%) work synergistically to combat seborrheic dermatitis.

Benefit from its anti-dandruff action, anti-seborrheic properties, as well as keratolytic and kerategulatory effects. The inclusion of antifungal agents helps curb the proliferation of fungi responsible for dandruff, ensuring a healthier scalp with reduced itchiness. KPL Plus Shampoo is also recommended for preventing pityriasis (capitis and versicolor).

Iraltone Sebum Regulating Shampoo

Iraltone Sebum Regulating Shampoo is your daily solution for managing oily hair. This shampoo not only cleanses but also provides moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant, and sebum-regulating actions.

It effectively normalizes hair and scalp oiliness without causing aggression, preventing reactive seborrhea. Ideal for daily use, it serves as a maintenance shampoo to ward off seborrheic crises, promoting deep cleansing from the scalp to the ends.

Enjoy soft, light, and healthy hair while complementing acute hair loss treatments due to excess oil. Elevate your hair care routine with Iraltone Sebum Regulating Shampoo.

Capacity: 200 ml + 200 ml
KPL, Iraltone
How to Use:
Apply Iraltone Sebum Regulating Shampoo to wet hair and gently massage the scalp without rubbing. Leave for 2 minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary. It can be used alternately with KPL Plus Shampoo.

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