Estrofito Plus Vita 30+30 capsules


– Manifestations associated with entering menopause. First menstrual failures and first symptoms.

– Enhancing the well-being of menopausal women.

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Estrofito Plus Vita is a dietary supplement that contains Soy WB® soy isoflavones, Probiotics, Omega 3, Borage oil, Evening primrose oil, Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, E), and Lutein.

These components are designed to support the well-being, energy, and vitality of women experiencing the initial symptoms associated with menopause.

Capacity: 30 pink capsules + 30 green capsules
Brand: Cantabria Labs
How to Use: Take 1 green capsule and 1 pink capsule a day of Estrofito Plus Vita together with a glass of water, preferably immediately after breakfast.

Ingredients: Soy Isoflavones Soy WB® 80 mg, Probiotics, Omega 3, Borage and Evening Primrose Oils, Vitamins, Lutein and Beta Carotene.

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