Neoretin Transition Depigmenting Cream 50ml


– Depigmenting maintenance treatment of skin types with hyperpigmentations of any type.

– Indicated to alternate with depigmenting treatments or as maintenance while the skin adapts to the use of retinoids.

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Neoretin Transition Cream is a mild nighttime depigmenting care, suitable for a skin that has never used retinoids.

This gel-cream has in its composition a set of ingredients that act on all mechanisms involved in the formation of dark spots, attenuating and preventing their appearance.

Neoretin Transition acts in several fronts:

  • With Retinsphere®: combines two encapsulated retinoids, with similar efficacy of retinoic acid, but without its adverse effects. In other words, they facilitate the penetration of retinol into the deeper layers of the skin, promote cell renewal and ensure a gradual release in order to improve tolerance and reduce photosensitivity.

  • With Whitening Booster System: a depigmenting system of powerful ingredients that act on the formation of dark spots by inhibiting all phases of melanin synthesis to achieve a remarkable control of skin pigmentation.

  • With Edafence®: it prevents and repairs damage caused by external environmental stressors.

  • With Tranexamic acid (0,5%): helps block the formation of dark spots by acting on the different mechanisms of melanin synthesis.

Thus, Neoretin Transition, reinforced with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, is the ideal care for those who are starting a depigmenting treatment for the first time.

Non-comedogenic. Tested on sensitive skin. Fragrance-free.

Avoid contact with eyes, contour area and mucous membranes. A slight stinging sensation and flaking is normal in early applications. In case of continued irritation, space the applications until the skin becomes accustomed or discontinue use. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and use broad-spectrum sunscreen during use. Product color may vary due to high concentrations of active ingredients without affecting the properties or efficacy of the product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding or if taking acne medication.

Capacity: 50 ml
Brand: Neoretin
How to Use:
Apply at night to cleansed skin on the face and neck. Always use sun protection during the day.

Protocol: Use a complete pack of Neoretin Transition so that the skin gets used to the use of retinoids and, after habituation, move to Neoretin Ultra for a more intensive treatment.

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