Biretix Tri-Active Spray Anti-Blemish 100ml


– Spray specially indicated for the improvement of mild and/or moderate truncal acne-prone skin conditions.

– Prevents and corrects spots and marks of body acne.

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Biretix Tri-Active Spray is an anti-blemish intensive treatment in a 360┬║ spray format, for a quick and practical application in large and hard to reach areas, such as chest and back.

Biretix Spray was developed to improve acne-prone skin conditions. For that, it has the presence of ingredients with keratolytic, purifying and sebum-regulating action.

In its composition presents the exclusive and innovative RetinSphere® Technology. This consists of the combination of two retinoids with similar effects to those of retinoic acid, but without their side effects. That is, it stimulates cell renewal and promote the smooth elimination of dead cells from the skin surface. Likewise, glycolic acid has been added. Thanks to its renewing effect, clogged pores and the formation of imperfections are prevented, making the skin more hydrated, silky and matified.

Finally, it contains niacinamide, an ingredient that helps to regulate sebum levels, improves texture and homogenizes skin tone. At the same time, it reduces the imperfections resulting from acne lesions (hyperpigmentations and reddish spots). The innovative BIOPEP-15 peptide slows down microorganism proliferation.

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Capacity: 100 ml
Brand: Biretix
How to use:
Shake before use. Apply Biretix Spray 1-2 times a day on affected areas and previously cleansed skin. Preferably, start with 1 application per day to allow the skin to adapt.

Ingredients: RetinSphere® Technology; Biopep 15; Glycolic Acid; Niacinamide

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