Endocare Tensage Cream 50ml + Eye Contour 15ml


Promotional anti-aging cream and eye contour pack for a firmer, hydrated and luminous skin.

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Endocare Tensage Cream

Endocare Tensage Cream is a rich, velvety texture cream that restores loss of firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Formulated with 6% SCA®, a natural activator of skin regeneration with repair and antioxidant properties, acts effectively reducing the signs of skin aging and photoaging. Also, with Tensderm, an active ingredient with powerful firming effect, improves firmness and preserves skin elasticity, reducing visible signs of aging such as sagging and loss of face contour.

Endocare Tensage Cream is suitable for skin with loss of firmness, with signs of age, hyperpigmented and without brightness. Indicated for normal and dry skin types.

Endocare Tensage Eye Contour

Endocare Tensage Eye Contour helps to correct dark circles, bags, lack of firmness and expression lines.

It’s a fast absorbing regenerating fluid formulated with 10% SCA®, a natural source of skin regeneration, with antioxidant and repair properties that acts effectively by reducing the signs of skin aging and photoaging and, Tensderm, an ingredient with potent tensor effect, which improves firmness, preserves skin elasticity and reduces visible signs of sagging.

In a single product it combines tensing, antioxidant and anti-edema effects and, at the same time provides a corrective and illuminating action. Its coloured micropigments illuminate the area of the eye contour by blurring dark circles.

Endocare Tensage Eye Contour rejuvenates, matifies and beautifies the skin around the eyes by reducing dark circles, bags, lack of firmness and expression lines and blurring imperfections and signs of fatigue.

Capacity: 50 ml + 15 ml
Brand: Endocare
How to Use: 

Endocare Tensage Cream: apply in the morning and evening to a well-cleansed face and neck.
Endocare Tensage Eye Contour: apply in the morning and evening a small amount with small touches that favor the draining effect and its absorption.

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