SVR C20 BIOTIC Revitalizing Radiance Cream 50ml


Vitamin C brightening and rejuvenating anti-wrinkle radiance cream for dull, tired and sensitive skin.

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SVR C20 Biotic: one of SVR’s new launches for dull and tired skin, uneven complexion and wrinkles.

SVR C20 Biotic regenerates the skin with a combination of three actives that are essential to skin function: pasteurized probiotics, stabilized vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. To revitalize the skin and restore a radiant, even complexion, the level of stabilized vitamin C has been boosted to 20%.

On one hand, if the skin microbiota is imbalanced, skin aging is accelerated. SVR uses pasteurized probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier while hydrating it. On the other hand, Vitamin C is vital for skin, but our bodies do not produce it naturally. In its pure form it is unstable and oxidizes over time, losing its properties. With stabilized vitamin C, skin is protected against free radicals, becomes firmer and less tired.

The texture is enriched with vitamin E beads that instantly melt into the skin and release their antioxidant properties. Skin is visibly glowing and revitalized.

Day after day, skin is smooth and toned, and signs of tiredness are less pronounced.

The formula contains 85% ingredients of natural origin and is packaged in a glass pot. This makes it easy to use and recycle!

Capacity: 50 ml
How to Use:
Apply SVR C20 Biotic in the morning and/or evening to clean, non-irritated skin on the face and neck. During the first use, apply a small amount on clean skin in the evening and wait at least 48 hours before the 2nd application. In case of stinging, redness or other skin manifestation, stop using the product. Once the skin is used to it, you can apply the product daily, once or twice a day depending on your needs.

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