Dermoteca Anti-Aging Reactive Skin 50ml


– Face care for the prevention of aging of sensitive, reactive or rosacea skin (Couperose).

– Increases elasticity, reduces wrinkles and redness.

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Dermoteca Anti-Aging Reactive Skin is an anti-aging emulsion suitable for sensitive skin prone to rosacea.

This face care promotes an anti-wrinkle action due to the presence of an innovative substance, DHMC, while having a soothing action on reactive and/or rosacea skin.

DHMC promotes a retinol-like effect, that is, it has a retinol-like effect in terms of preventing skin aging, without causing any irritation or allergy to sensitive and reactive skin.

Rich in antioxidants, Dermoteca Anti-Aging Reactive Skin allows reducing irritative, inflammatory processes and skin redness, also preventing aging and photoaging of the skin. It also has SPF12 sun filters, to protect the skin from UV radiation, preventing the aggravation of reactive, sensitive and rosacea skin.

Its green tint neutralizes the characteristic redness of reactive skin.

Dermoteca Anti-Aging Reactive Skin increases skin hydration and elasticity, decreases the depth of wrinkles and redness, and improves superficial microcirculation of the skin.

Capacity: 50 ml
DC – Dermoteca Cosmetics
How to Use:
Apply on skin previously cleansed, gently massaging until completely absorbed.

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