Benamor Face Cream 30ml


– Miraculous Face Cream: hydrates, evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of imperfections, and imparts an instant rosy glow to the skin!

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Benamor Face Cream, also recognized as the Miraculous Face Cream, stands as an iconic product that remains true to the formula conceived in 1925!

This cherished secret formula addresses the five key concerns of facial skin: hydration and toning, minimizing the appearance of pores and blemishes, reducing redness and dullness—essential benefits for achieving a healthy-looking complexion.

Infused with enriching vitamins and potent antioxidants, this time-honored classic instantly leaves your skin hydrated, toned, even-textured, and radiant.

As part of the iconic Portuguese brand Benamôr, known for its legacy since its inception, this Face Cream is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

Perfectly suited for normal to oily skin types, including those prone to acne.

Also available at 40ml.

Capacity: 30ml
Brand: Benamôr
How to Use: After cleansing your face, apply a small amount of Benamor Face Cream and gently massage it until it’s fully absorbed. For optimal results, use both in the morning and evening.

Beauty Tip: Given its effective properties, consider using it as a makeup primer for a flawless base.

Aqua, Glicerin, Palmitic Acid, Estearic Acid, Estearato de Glicerina, Hidróxido de Sódio, Rosa Extracto de Flor de Damascena, Ágar, Sorbato de Potássio, Ácido Mirístico, Ácido Araquídico, Denato de Álcool, Álcool Benzílico, Clorfenesina, Hidróxido de Amónio, Parfum/Fragrância, Salicilato de Benzilo, Alfa-Isometil Ionona, Álcool Cinamílico, Citronelol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Hexil Cinamal, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool, Ci 77891/Titanium Dioxide

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