Atoderm Intensive Eye 100ml


– 3-in-1 care for eyelid eczema: soothes, repairs, and removes makeup.

– Relieves itching sensation, reduces dryness and redness of the skin, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

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Atoderm Intensive Eye is a 3-in-1 care that combats the symptoms of eyelid irritation:

– Calm: With enoxolone acts on the factors involved in itching to provide long-lasting soothing.
– Repairs:

  • LipigeniumTM stimulates lipid production and strengthens the skin barrier.
  • The patented Skin Barrier Therapy limits the adhesion of certain bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) to the skin surface. These bacteria can aggravate skin dryness.
  • Hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the skin, forms a non-occlusive moisturizing film. It traps water molecules at the skin’s surface, acting as a water reservoir.

– Removes Makeup: The combination of 3 oils removes makeup and impurities from the skin.

Result: skin is calmed, strengthened, and comfort is restored in a lasting way.

Atoderm Intensive Eye resulted in an innovative and simple ritual that limits the number of products and therefore of ingredients and friction on the eye contour.

Good make-up base. Unscented. Excellent skin tolerance. Excellent eye tolerance.Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive skin.

Capacity: 100ml
Brand: Bioderma
How to Use: Apply 1-2 times a day. Apply to the irritated eyelid. In the morning it can be used as a care. In the evening as a care and/or makeup remover using a cotton pad.

Innovative 3-in-1 care to apply in crisis phase and in remission phase. Specifically created for cleansing and care, it meets the needs of people with eyelid irritation: a single product for multiple actions, avoiding friction and irritation. It can be used: as a care to soothe and repair the eyelid, and/or as a cleanser/make-up remover to gently remove all impurities. Before using the product, doing drainage movements can help to decongest the skin and eliminate toxins in crisis phases. Including Atoderm Intensive Eye care as part of the daily routine strengthens the eyelids and prevents relapses.

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