K-Vit Anti-Dark Circles Serum 30ml


Dark circles prevention and correction serum and signs of aging around the eyes.

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The eye contour skin is the most delicate and fragile of the face. It is a very vascularized area where the blood pigments (hemosiderin) accumulate which causes the purplish color characteristic of dark circles.
K-Vit Serum, with liposome-encapsulated vitamin K oxide, promotes the resorption of blood pigments, improving the appearance of dark circles.
It also contains actives that improve the microcirculation of the area and help correct the proper signs of aging around the eyes, such as puffiness and wrinkles.
Capacity: 30 ml
Application Mode:
Apply a drop of clean, dry skin to the eye area (bone area) with gentle touches until completely absorbed.

Vitamin K Oxide, camphanediol, pinanediol, silicon organic, hyaluronic acid, castanea sativa extract, ginkgo biloba extract

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