Cicabio Lotion Spray 40ml


– Spray Lotion: Drying spray with repairing and soothing action. Effectiveness for 8H.

– Weakened, irritated skin.

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Cicabio Lotion Spray promotes quick and lasting drying of damaged areas.

Its formula contains mineral powders which guarantee effectiveness for 8 hours after application. The combination of three active ingredients allows this spray to act at all stages of healing. In addition, the patented Antalgicine™, a biomimetic active ingredient, confers anti-pain and anti-itch action.

Its antibacterial agents (copper and zinc) protect the epidermis while the patented D.A.F. complex increases the skin’s tolerance threshold.

Cicabio Lotion Spray provides:

– Long-lasting drying action
– Soothes the sensation of discomfort and itching.
– Stimulates healing
– Protects the epidermis

Excellent tolerance. Unscented. Practical spray format.

Capacity: 40ml
Brand: Bioderma
How to Use: Shake well until you hear the sound of beads. Apply the spray locally to the injured area after cleansing. Apply to the hand or cotton pad before applying to the face. Apply once or twice a day until completely dry. Do not apply more than 4 or 5 days.

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