Enjoy life in the Sun with Heliocare

Heliocare is one of the most highly regarded brands among photoprotection experts due to its innovative textures and its main patented ingredient, Fernblock®. Fernblock® has been proven to provide protection against all 4 radiations, neutralize free radicals and repair the damage caused by them.

Evidence demonstrates that Heliocare is not only effective in photoprotection, but also for the prevention of skin aging, actinic damage, sun allergies and dark spots.

For optimal sun protection, your sunscreen should have not only filters but also anti-oxidant and repair actives. It’s cosmetic characteristics should be suited to your skin type, and you should combine it with oral photoprotection.

Heliocare is divided into 3 ranges:

Heliocare Ultra Range
HELIOCARE ULTRA provide very high protection for fair skin types or in periods of increased exposure and sun intensity. With light, rapidly-absorbed,invisible textures.
Heliocare Advanced Range
HELIOCARE ADVANCED guarantees high protection for all skin types in periods of normal sun exposure. Light, easy-to-apply invisible textures.
Heliocare 360º Range
HELIOCARE 360 complies with the highest standards of photoprotection, designed for even the most sensitive and problematric skins requiring maximum protection against sun damage.











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Showing 1–12 of 32 results