Photoderm Pediatrics Body Milk SPF50+ 200ml Bioderma


– Very high protection, multi-resistant, invisible, 8 hours of hydration.

Sensitive and delicate skin of babies and children with atopic-prone skin.

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Introducing Photoderm Pediatrics Body Milk, a sunscreen crafted specifically to cater to the unique needs of infants’ and children’s delicate skin.

Harnessing the power of SUN BARRIER TECHNOLOGY, this advanced sunscreen provides cutting-edge sun protection tailored to safeguard the natural defense mechanisms of children’s skin when exposed to the sun. This innovative technology blends UV filters, Vitamin E inherent in the skin, and apricot kernel oil to deliver biomimetic lipids, offering triple protection:

  • Comprehensive UV defense, finely tuned to shield against both short- and long-wave UVA rays
  • Antioxidant shield to safeguard the skin’s limited natural squalene reserves from UV-induced oxidation and prevent long-term damage
  • Preservation and enhancement of the skin’s inherent barrier function

Highly effective and gentle on infants’ and children’s skin:

  • Resilient against water, sand, sweat, and friction
  • Can be applied to wet or dry skin, with easy application, rapid absorption, and an invisible finish

Suitable for children aged 12 months and older, for use on both face and body. Non-sticky, non-greasy, and fragrance-free, with excellent skin and eye tolerance. Ideal for those with atopic-prone skin.

Capacity: 200 ml
How to Use:
Apply Photoderm Pediatrics Body Milk before sun exposure and re-apply every two hours. Reapply after swimming or friction.

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