Photoderm Lait Ultra SPF50+ 200ml Bioderma


– Very high protection reinforced against UVA.

– For all the family (children older than 12 months)

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Photoderm Lait Ultra was tailored to provide very high protection, reinforced against UVA rays for all sensitive skin, even the most vulnerable.

Its formula is inspired by the natural protective mechanisms of the skin under the sun:

1. SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY: A unique combination of filters and biological protection that improves the capacity of the skin to defend itself to help maintain long-lasting care of its health in the sun.
2. PHYSICAL SHIELD EFFECT: Applicable even on wet skin, the formula displays a resistance to water, sweat and sand that maintains its photoprotective efficacy despite sweating or bathing, and that limits the spreading of these products in aquatic ecosystems.
3. SKIN BARRIER STRENGTHENING: By retaining skin physiological water, it maintains the natural skin hydration, thus contributing to the individual resistance of each skin to sun-induced damages.

Photoderm Lait Ultra is a sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin, even the most vulnerable: From 12 month old babies, children, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding woman, patient undergoing or following photosensitizing treatment.

For face & body. Invisible finish. Penetrates quickly. Non-sticky. Non-greasy. Very good cutaneous and ocular tolerance. Non-comedogenic.


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