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Promotional coffret with specific products for a perfect shave. This coffret includes:
– Depot No. 401 Pre and Post Shave Protective Cream 75ml;
– Depot No. 405 Shaving Cream 125ml;
– Depot No. 408 Aftershave Moisturizing Balm 100ml and,
– Offer of an aluminum razor (rechargeable blade and Gilette Mach3 compatible).

Depot No. 401 is a protective skin cream that can be used before and after shaving. Its formula enriched with olive oil, sweet almond oil and eucalyptus essential oil prepares, preserves and protects the skin from shaving friction. Its emollient, nourishing and conditioning action make it an ideal aftershave for moisturizing and soothing the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Depot No. 405 is a shaving cream without the use of a brush with moisturizing properties. Its refreshing and specific formula protects the skin from possible irritation or redness.

Depot No. 408 aftershave moisturizing balm specially formulated for the most demanding skin. Soothes and moisturizes skin sensitized by shaving. With oat extracts gives comfort and elasticity to the face without causing itching. Compensates for stress caused by blade aggression.

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