Dermablend Covermatte 9.5g Vichy 35-Sand


High coverage compact powder foundation for oily and acne-prone mixed skin.

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Compact, high-coverage powder foundation to hide uneven skin texture and skin flaws for a natural, uniform matte finish throughout the day.

Absorbs excess sebum and reduces imperfections by up to 60%.

For women with normal to oily, acne-prone skin, with mild and severe imperfections that seek high coverage and long lasting on a compact powder foundation with a matt effect up to 12h.

SPF Index 25. Adapted to sensitive skin. Non comedogenic. Do not apply to unhealed wound skin.

Available in four shades: 25-nude, 35-sand, 45-gold and 55-bronze.

Capacity: 9,5 gr
How to Use:

Thoroughly cleanse the skin and apply the usual daily care before putting on makeup.
1- Prepare: Remove the amount of product adapted with the help of the sponge through circular movements.
2- Apply: Spread the product, starting from the inside of the face outward, for a homogeneous distribution.
3- Reinforce: Depending on the type of imperfection to be corrected, insist on the area to be corrected with little touches with the help of the sponge.

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