Phytospecific Curl Legend Cream Gel 150ml Phyto


Sculpting Cream-Gel for curly and frizzy hair. With Phytospecific range, frizz is nothing but a bad memory!

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Phytospecific Curl Legend Cream Gel nourishes and controls the unruliest and kinkiest curls.

This sculpting cream-gel is designed to address all curl types from very thin to very thick hair. It offers lasting curl definition and holds with healthy movement. Curls are touchable, perfectly defined and bouncy with no crunchy residue.

Enriched with an ultra-nourishing complex, Phytospecific Curl Legend Cream Gel creates magnificent curls without frizz:

  • Quinoa Milk: its proteins protect the fiber against external aggressions, repairing it, coating it and improving its elasticity. Prevents significant water loss and stops dehydration.
  • Plant Cellulose: maintains the memory of curls and improves flexibility.
  • Mallow Extraction: extremely moisturizing. It captures and retains water forming an invisible gel, thus ensuring hydration inside the hair fiber.

Result: perfectly defined, with shine and elasticity. After application curls and coils are bouncy, silky, supple, and full of movement.

Capacity: 150 ml
Brand: Phyto
How to Use:
Apply to damp hair. Work a hazelnut of Phytospecific Curl Legend Cream Gel in your hands and distribute it evenly, section by section, until completely absorbed. Allow to dry in the open air or with the diffuser. No rinsing.

For better results, it can be combined with Phytospecific Shampoo and/or Mask.

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