Phytokeratine Repairing Shampoo 250ml Phyto


Repairing shampoo for damaged and brittle hair.

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Phytokeratine Shampoo, the intensive repair hair care that restores strength and flexibility to damaged and brittle hair.

Enriched in Botanical Keratine, this shampoo cleanses and respects damaged and weakened hair by daily aggressions (brushing and straightening). The hair fiber is repaired, the hair regains strength, flexibility and smoothness.

Phytokeratine Shampoo’s creamy texture provides gentle care to the hair. The coarse appearance gone, leaving hair looking smooth and supple.

Vegan. Paraben, silicone and sulfate-free.

Capacity: 250 ml
How to Use:
Apply a small amount to damp scalp. Massage in, and then rinse.

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