Lazartigue Neutralize Shampoo 250ml


– Anti-yellowing purple shampoo for grey, white and blond hair.

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Lazartigue Neutralize Shampoo effectively combats unwanted yellow tones with its potent blend of anti-yellowing flowers and cornflower extract.

Hair oxidation, a result of reduced melanin production within the hair fiber, can lead to fragility and increased porosity, particularly in grey, white, and blonde hair. To address this, gentle cleansing is essential to remove oxidation effectively.

Specifically designed for grey, white, and blonde hair, Lazartigue Neutralize Shampoo delicately cleanses while instantly neutralizing yellow highlights, thanks to its botanical extracts of violet, lavender, rosemary, and centaury. The result? Radiant, luminous, and silky hair. Plus, its vegan formula is free from sulfates and silicones.

With a formulation comprising 94% natural and biodegradable ingredients, this shampoo offers a sustainable solution for hair care. Fragrance: Raspberry, grapefruit, and jasmine.

Capacity: 250 ml
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How to Use:
Before application, brush the hair while it is still dry to detangle and eliminate impurities, thus amplifying the action of the shampoo. Apply the product to wet hair and distribute it throughout the hair. Gently massage to transform the gel texture into a mousse, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Expert Tip: Don’t wait until yellowish tones become too noticeable, as they can be more challenging to eliminate.

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