Phyto RE30 Anti-Grey Hair Treatment 50ml


Anti-grey hair spray for daily use capable of repigmenting the hair at the root.

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Phyto RE30 is an anti-grey hair spray that restores color to hair without using coloring pigments.

The RE30 peptide consists in a technology that is able to boost the natural pigment production while protecting from future depigmentation. That is, it boosts melanin production at the bulb and helps stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth.

The appearance of grey hair is a natural phenomenon that affects a large part of the population, men and women, and appears earlier and earlier. The results are clinically proven: it repigments the hair at the root and restores strength and flexibility to the hair.

Phyto RE30 is a daily product to counteract the first grey hairs that insist on appearing!

Capacity: 50 ml
Brand: Phyto
How to Use: Apply 8 sprays once a day on dry or wet scalp. Massage for better product penetration. Do not rinse.
1 bottle = 1 month daily use.

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