Lazartigue Neutralize Conditioner 150ml


– Anti-yellowing purple conditioner for grey, white and blond hair.

– Neutralizes, brightens, nourishes and repairs.

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Lazartigue Neutralize Conditioner effectively neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, nourishes and protects the hair. Repairs grey, white or platinum blonde hair leaving it soft and luminous.

Its natural, rich and creamy texture moisturizes and detangles the hair without weighing it down. With fresh notes of raspberry, grapefruit and jasmine, the Neutralize range reveal a unique and sophisticated fragrance.

Hair oxidation, a result of reduced melanin production within the hair fiber, can lead to fragility and increased porosity, particularly in grey, white, and blonde hair. To address this, gentle cleansing is essential to remove oxidation effectively, such as an antioxidant purple conditioner.

The Neutralize conditioner reinforces the depigmenting action and gives the hair shine and nourishment. It effectively eliminates yellow highlights thanks to its formula made up of botanical extracts of violet, lavender, rosemary and centaury. Hair is left radiant, luminous and silky. Its vegan formula contains no sulphates or silicones.

Capacity: 150 ml
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How to Use:
Apply Lazartigue Neutralize Conditioner after shampooing. Apply to lengths and ends, leave on for 2 minutes or more, detangle with fingertips, comb or brush and then rinse.

Expert Tip: To enhance the effect, leave the product on as a mask before shampooing.

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