Mask Plus Gel 30ml


– Treatment and prevention of skin complications with acne-prone tendency.

– Anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, and protective action against external factors that worsen acne.

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Mask Plus is a medical device specifically designed to prevent complications of acne caused by external factors.

Its formula, free from ethyl alcohol and fragrance, contains Polyvinyl Alcohol capable of forming a non-occlusive invisible layer that isolates and protects the skin from those external factors that can worsen acne.

With an advanced and effective formula, it removes impurities, excess oil, and unclogs pores, leaving your skin flawless and radiant.

The presence of Glycolic Acid and Retinoic Acid, thanks to their renewing function, promotes the mechanical elimination of dead cells. The additional activity of Clindamycin contained in the product counteracts bacterial proliferation, maintaining the level of total microbial load unchanged.

Enjoy the benefits of Mask Plus for healthy and radiant skin. Add this essential product to your skincare routine and enjoy deep and invigorating cleansing.

Capacity: 30ml
Brand: Cantabria Labs
How to use: Shake well before use. Apply Mask Plus preferably at night on the treated surface, distributing it evenly; remove it the next morning with your regular cleansing routine. Do not use before direct sun exposure. For a more comprehensive care, apply an appropriate sunscreen for acne-prone skin in the morning, such as Heliocare 360º Gel Oil-Free.

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