Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Oil 150ml Bioderma


– Soothing makeup remover cleansing oil.

– Removes impurities and waterproof makeup.

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Discover the power of Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Oil, your go-to solution for removing stubborn makeup, especially waterproof makeup from the eyes and lips.

This innovative formula not only cleanses but also cares for your skin, ensuring ultimate comfort. Acting on the root causes of skin sensitivity, it gently eliminates impurities such as makeup, pollution, and sunscreens before they become visible.

Enriched with biomimetic Omega 3-6, the oily phase effectively removes waterproof makeup and accumulated impurities while nourishing your skin.

Powered by advanced Micellar Technology, this cleansing oil offers dual action. In the first phase, inverted micelles release a biomimetic amino acid, working in harmony with your skin’s natural mechanisms to nourish and stimulate lipid synthesis. Then, with the addition of warm water, surfactants capture oil and impurities, transforming them into new micelles that easily rinse away, leaving your skin clean, nourished, and soothed.

With a pH-balanced formulation, Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Oil is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, ensuring a comfortable cleansing experience every time.

Oil-to-milk texture, with no need for friction, glides onto the skin and provides a sensory cleansing experience. It leaves no greasy film on the skin or blurry vision.

Tested under dermatological control, with very good skin and eye tolerance. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance-free.

Suitable for use on the face, eyes and eyelids, neck, lips and eye contour.

Capacity: 150 ml
How to Use:
Begin by dispensing the oil into the palm of your hand and apply it to dry skin. Gently massage with your fingers in circular motions. Add a little water to emulsify and continue massaging. Rinse thoroughly.

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