Sensibio H2O Eye 125ml Bioderma


– Removes waterproof makeup from eyes and lips.

– Strengthens the sensitive eye contour area and eyelashes.

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Sensibio H2O Eye is a high tolerance biphasic micellar makeup remover suitable for sensitive eyes and lips.

It is composed of two phases that once mixed, work together to immediately and gently remove makeup and cleanse the eyes and lips, providing the most sensitive skin with a unique dual benefit: moisturizing and soothing properties.

In addition, enriched with soothing pure sugars, Sensibio H2O Eye prevents the risk of skin reactions that are often related to cleansing. The sensitive eye contour area and the eyelashes are lastingly strengthened.

It only contains the necessary ingredients and in the optimal quantities to ensure perfect tolerance for the most sensitive skin.

No greasy finish. Good skin and eye tolerance. No oily residue, alcohol or perfume.

Capacity: 125ml
Brand: Bioderma
How to Use: Shake well. Soak a cotton disk and remove the makeup with a cotton disc. Without rinsing.

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