Elancyl Slimming Firming 150ml


– Anti-cellulite, skin tightening, slimming and draining action.

– Firming effect, particularly in the abdominal area.

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Elancyl Slimming Firming is a specific care for the stomach, hips and arms to strengthen and tighten the skin and to reduce localised adiposity.

Formulated with a novel ingredient with dual slimming action: Instensylâ„¢ for an immediate and long-lasting smoothing and tensing effect.

To reduce abdominal volume, Elancyl Slimming Firming brings together a complex of specific ingredients:

– Caffeine, essential to reduce localized fat;
– the Ivy associated with massage, to favor drainage
– Apple Peel Extract, selected to firm the skin.

A fresh gel, with a pleasant scent, perfect to perform the massage.

This slimming gel promotes an immediate anti-cellulite and tensor action in areas with localized fat.

Do not use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Do not use on irritated skin.

Capacity: 150 ml
How to Use: Apply after the bath by massaging over dry skin. Place a small amount of product in the palm of the hand, move up the thigh while pressing with both hands, with a quick, rhythmic movement. Pinch and turn, massaging from top to bottom and/or from side to side on the desired areas. Make circles with your fingertips all over the area.

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