Lactacyd Pharma Sensitive 250ml


Fragrance-free cleansing lotion for sensitive and easily irritated intimate area.

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Lactacyd Pharma Sensitive has been specially formulated to care for sensitive and easily irritated areas.

This lotion provides specific care for the sensitive and easily irritated intimate mucosa. It features an extra gentle cleansing system, is fragrance-free, and ensures maximum smoothness.

Enriched with natural L-lactic acid and with a pH of 3.5, this lotion works gently to restore the balance and natural protection of your intimate area.

Recommended for daily use, this cleansing lotion is an excellent choice for situations of slight irritation and sensitivity to fragrances. This makes it particularly suitable for teenagers and women with an intimate area prone to hypersensitivity.

Capacity: 250ml
Brand: Lactacyd
How to Use: Apply Lactacyd Pharma Sensitive to dampened skin. Rinse thoroughly with water after use.

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