Lactacyd Pharma Antiseptic 250ml


– Helps promote active protection against bacterial infections.

– Antiseptic lotion for intimate hygiene.

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Lactacyd Pharma Antiseptic is an intimate hygiene lotion recommended for use during pregnancy, postpartum, and in situations of increased risk of infections (tight clothing, swimming, sports, etc.).

This gentle cleansing lotion reinforces the natural defenses of the intimate area. It contains natural antiseptic agents that help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and actively prevent unpleasant odors.

Enriched with thyme, which promotes active protection of the intimate area, and lactic acid for pH balance.

Capacity: 250ml
Brand: Lactacyd
How to Use: Apply a small amount of Lactacyd Pharma Antiseptic to the moistened area and massage. Rinse thoroughly with water after use.

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