Lactacyd Intimate Gel for Intimate Hygiene 400ml + Offer Lactacyd Wipes


– Gel for daily intimate care of women.

– Offer of 10 units of Lactacyd Wipes

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Lactacyd Intimate, a cleansing gel for women’s intimate hygiene.

This intimate hygiene gel contains natural L-lactic acid, a substance produced by the body to maintain the acidity balance of the vaginal flora. It helps women feel fresh, comfortable, and free from discomfort.

The product respects the natural balance of the intimate area, suitable for normal skin and can be used during menstruation.

Capacity: 400ml + offer Lactacyd Wipes 10 units
How to Use:
Apply a small amount of Lactacyd Intimate with a gentle massage onto dampened skin and rinse thoroughly with water. For daily use.

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