Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum 30ml


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A dual-action serum for all skin types that reduces dark spots and prevents their re-appearance.

Only -145 left in stock

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Eucerin Anti-Pigment Serum is a dual-action serum for all skin types that effectively reduces dark spots and prevents their re-appearance.

Its action results from the combination of two serums. On one hand with thiamidol, an effective and patented ingredient that acts at the root cause of hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin production in skin. It is clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, preventing its re-appearance with regular usage. First results are visible after two weeks and improve continuously with regular use. On the other hand, with concentrated hyaluronic acid, it helps skin to attract and retain moisture.

This way, Eucerin Anti-Pigment Serum is a light emulsion that reduces dark spots and prevents their re-appearance while renewing skin’s look. Skin is smooth and looks renewed, even and radiant.


Capacity: 30ml
Brand: Eucerin
How to Use:
Apply once a day (morning or evening) to a well-cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Press the middle of the top of the dispenser to ensure you release the same amount of both serums. When you first use the product, you may need to push three or four times before the serums appear. Gently massage into skin. For best results, use in combination with Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day SPF 30Eucerin Anti-Pigment Night and Eucerin Anti-Pigment Spot Corrector.

Aqua Alcohol Denat Butylene Glycol Glicerina Octocrileno Palmitato de isopropilo Cetearyl Isononanoate Distarch Phosphate Methylpropanediol Isobutylamido Thiazolyl Resorcinol Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Hialuronato de Sódio Glycyrrhiza Inflata Root Extract Tocopherol Glucosylrutin Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate Glyceryl Stearate Poliacrilato de Sódio Dimethicone Isoquercitrina Ácido Cítrico Cloreto de Sódio Trisodium EDTA Caprylyl Glycol Fenoxietanol Perfume

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