Endocare Hydractive Micellar Solution 250ml


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Refreshing facial cleanser suitable for all skin types.

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Endocare Hydractive is a micellar solution for daily cleaning of face and eyes on all skin types, including sensitive and intolerant skin.

It has a formula based on delicate active ingredients for in-depth cleansing and makeup removal, even removing traces of waterproof makeup. With Microbioma Recovery Complex and niacinamide in its composition, it restores the skin’s barrier function, respects the physiological pH of the skin and helps protect against environmental stress.

Enriched with cucumber, Endocare Hydractive is a refreshing formula that leaves skin clean, smooth, hydrated and toned.

Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

Alcohol and paraben-free.

Capacity: 250 ml
Brand: Endocare
How to use:
Soak a cotton pad with the solution, then gently wipe your face and eyes. No need to rinse.

Aqua. PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides. Niacinamide. Xylitol. Cucumis sativus fruit extract. Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide. Polymnia sonchifolia root juice. Olivine extract. Lactobacillus. Butylene glycol. Maltodextrin. Cetrimonium bromide. Disodium EDTA.

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