Dermoteca Moisturizing Reactive Skin/Rosacea 50ml


Hydration of sensitive, reactive and rosacea (Couperose) prone skin.

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Fresh and smooth moisturizing cream for rosacea prone skin by Dermoteca.

It reduces redness and improves microcirculation in sensitive, reactive and rosacea (Couperose) prone skin.

With SPF12 sunscreens, Dermoteca protects the rosacea-prone skin against UV radiation and free radicals, thus preventing the worsening of skin condition. It also has substances with protective and anti-oxidant action that intervene in the processes of normal skin regeneration.

Its green hue lets you hide unaesthetic red spots.

Dermatologically tested.

Capacity: 50 ml
DC Dermoteca Cosmetics
How to Use:
Apply on skin previously cleansed, in the morning and in the evening, and gently massage until completely absorbed.

Resveratrol, Malted barley polyphenols, Centella asiatica, Allantoin, Aescin, Shea butter, Tapioca glucan biopolymer, SPF12.

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