KPL DS GelCream Seborrheic Dermatitis 60ml


Severe scaly conditions on skin face.

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KPL DS GelCream is a skincare formulated to control the signs of seborrheic dermatitis in severe scaling states: it decreases scaling, redness and stinging. Its use allows to prolong the time between exacerbations and reduce drug use.

Its formulation features the active ingredients climbazol and piroctone olamine that limit fungal proliferation. ALGAKTIV Optimmunist + Niacinamide + Dipotassium Glycyrrizinate, a complex with soothing, sebo-control and repairing properties capable of reducing redness.

Non comedogenic.

Capacity: 60ml
How to use:
Apply KPL DS GelCream once or twice a day to cleansed face skin until completely absorbed.

Climbazol, Piroctona Olamina, ALGAKTIV Optimmunist, Niacinamida, Glicirrizinato Dipotássico, Zinc PCA e Lactato de Amónio

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